Hermajazzsti Love
Brand Creator, Beauty Enthusiast & Beauty Educator


All that Jazz!

Jazz is a Registered Nurse...
turned Aspiring Entrepreneur!

She started as a Critical Care Nurse working at the bedside. She then moved into Nurse Education and, ultimately, transitioned into Corporate Clinical Education where she consulted and trained physicians and nurses on medical devices.

In January 2017, Jazz turned the page on her nursing career to fully pursue her passions for creating her own brand for sexy, professional women like herself. Yay!

In addition to her nursing education, Jazz also has a degree in Computer Science. To add to the educational mix, her varied interests has landed her certifications as a Sexuality Educator and Image Consultant!

She brings a beautiful bouquet of resources, yet she's always seeking to teach you more. Currently,  she's creating online courses aimed to help you feel more sexy and look more glamorous!
In her online class entitled, Vixen Method: Invisible Lash Technique, Jazz steps you through her very own method of applying strip lashes. It's a terrific video training packed with lots of tips to rev-up your eye contact and help you achieve sexy, professional-looking lashes at home! 
Visit the Sexy And Successful Online Beauty Institute to take a course today!

For those in Chicagoland who are interested in learning this technique along with how to create a soft and sexy makeup look, Jazz offers a fun & interactive, in-person beauty workshop called Pretty Girls Love Lashes - P.G.L.L. - RSVP here

You've discovered Sheer Vixen at an exciting time and you're going to learn a lot because Jazz is just as eager to share her knowledge as she is to learn! We're so glad you're here!


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