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beauty & Education for
foxy, Ambitious Babes


If you're a sexy, ambitious babe who loves looking your best, feeling sexy & attractive and you set your goals as high as your heels ... Cheers!
You're Sexy and Successful and Sheer Vixen is the brand for you!

SHEER VIXEN is an emerging beauty brand specializing in creating beautiful brows through microblading!

  • Jazz, a Registered Nurse & Certified Microblading Artist, performs microblading services, teaches online courses in the Brow and Beauty Institute and hosts fun, educational classes & events around the Chicagoland area.

  • You can book her professional Microblading services right HERE!

Sheer Vixen is a beauty brand excited and dedicated to helping you feel more sexy & confident, look more glamorous and present your best self on your journey towards success!

Cheers to being Sexy and Successful!

Hermajazzsti Love
Brand Creator
Registered Nurse, Certified Microblading Artist & Beauty Educator