Sexy and successful


beauty & Education for Sexy girl bosses

Welcome to our virtual space!

If you're a Girl Boss who loves looking your best, feeling sexy & attractive and you set your goals as high as your heels ... Cheers!
You're Sexy and Successful and Sheer Vixen is the brand for you!

SHEER VIXEN is an emerging brand providing beauty products & services, online education and local events to Sexy Girl Bosses.

  • We teach our learners via online courses, webinars etc. and host fun, informational events around the Chicagoland area.
  • In addition, our glamorous products can be purchased right here through our shipping! 

Sheer Vixen is here to help you feel more confident & attractive and present your most successful self with style and grace!


About Our Community

Our community is a bouquet of positive, uplifting, supportive, sexy and successful foxes who love feeling attractive, self-assured and self-fulfilled!

We believe that doing what makes YOU feel good will always bring YOU happiness and success.

We understand that OUR success is solely defined by US and no one else!

Whether you like crushing it in your business or profession; wearing a sexy, curve-hugging outfit and heels; rocking a slayful hairstyle or make-up look; lavishing in high-end skincare products; shopping for new bedroom toys; exploring new adventures during a 5-star vacation; or networking and meeting new people... whatever it is ...

Doing what makes YOU smile, feel happy and alive will always empower you and bring you success!

Sheer Vixen is a brand that applauds working hard, playing hard and looking good every high-heeled step of the way! Always aiming to inspire our foxes to look great, feel confident, be authentic, have fun and enjoy success!

Cheers to being Sexy and Successful!
Hermajazzsti Love, Brand Creator and your Educational Liaison